Company Profile.

Gulhan is a shipyard located in Turkey, has been established to become a successful, profitable and a progressive company in both regional and international fields while operating in these sectors listed below:

Designing naval and commercial vessels, integration and construction of weapon combat systems and platforms and conducting project management.

Integrated Logistics Support provided during warranty and after warranty period of naval and commercial ships which is necessary for maintenance, repair, system installation, documentation, training and replacement.

Construction and modernization of naval and commercial shipyards.

Maritime transportation, brokerage and chartering etc.

Military installation(Harbor, Military Base, Ranging Facility, Ammunition Production Facility, etc.) Conducting Research and Development studies in the abovementioned areas of activity, particularly in shipbuilding.

Company Profile.

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Affiliated with legal regulations, national and international standards while constructing commercial and naval vessels. In essence of continuous improvement with high technology standards, we are able to provide quality and efficient products to the customers.

02    /   VISION.

Our main objective is to overcome the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, innovation and reliability by offering high-tech projects in commercial and naval fields considering environmental aspects, safety and quality.

03    /   VALUES.

Confidentiality and Objectivity
Continuous Improvement
Transparency and Participation
Solution and Result-oriented

Quality Policy.

GULHAN is highly capable of designing, building, repairing and providing maintenance for naval and commercial vessels based on modern technology and world class standards for both international and regional clients.Our core value is to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers, taking care in advance of the delivery and post-delivery, offering superior quality standards in design, research and development projects, shipbuilding, maritime and trade by adopting a structure that is growth oriented, consistently producing and hard working in every aspect.

Achieve the requirements of our quality management systems in every segment that we operate and ensure the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Ensure full compliance with the legal regulations, national and international standards, requirements and demands of customers and international class organizations and ensure their continuity.

Supporting the professional and social development, quality awareness, continuous training programs and activities by keeping occupational health and safety at the forefront of our employees who perform quality service, which is our joint effort, and to ensure that their motivations are kept at the highest levels.

Building confidence and stability among with suppliers, efficiently produce and deliver products in order to improve customer satisfaction

Protect the environment while continuing our activities.