Our Shipyard.

Altınova Shipyard, is a modern shipyard located in Yalova, Turkey having the largest indoor facilities. The primary focus of this shipyard was constructing commercial vessels however, military shipbuilding industry became the rising market of the world therefore, our perspective had shifted towards the defense industry.Our shipyard is specialized in the design and construction of complex commercial vessels such as tugboats, oil / chemical tankers, fast passenger ferries indeed, it can design and build all types of naval ships.

Serving as a main contractor in its projects, Altınova Shipyard designs, engineers and provides integrated logistics support services for naval and commercial ships at a very high standard of quality. Capability of integrating all systems consisting of Command and Control, Weapon and electronic, propulsion and electrical systems.

The capacity of the existing field is 400 meters in length and 230 meters in width, comes up to a total open area of 140.431 m2. With reference to its personnel capacity of 1230 people, it is able to construct 4 ships and 2 yachts per year as well as capable of producing 48.000 tons’ steel per year. It is also capable to carry out the construction and design stages of the two largest military ships which are frigate and corvette.

Patrol Vessels
Corvette type vessels
Fast Intervention Boat
Offshore Support Vessels
Mine Hunting Ship and Mine Sweeping Ship
Attack Boats
Multipurpose Search and Rescue Ship
Landing Crafts
Offshore Patrol Vessels
Hydrographic and Oceanographic Survey Vessel